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Chilli jamsand jellies

All the chilli Jams are tomato based products using fresh chillies, tomatoes, garlic and ginger. As much as possible is home grown, and all products made by hand. All go wonderfully well with cheese and biscuits, cold meats, added to a stir fry, or even on a burger on a bbq!  The current range consists of:

Mild Chilli Jam - For the beginner or those who prefer an milder tang.

Jalapeno Chilli Jam - A medium to hot jam with a fiery kick. The most popular chilli jam product we make.

Naga Jolokia Chilli Jam - Made from one of the hottest chillies in the world, this jam has a serious bite to it that many people find moreish!!!

Extra Hot Naga Jolokia Chilli Jam - Made with the same recipe the standard Naga Jolokia Jam, but with a handful of ghost nagas for something extra, this was originally made as a special request, but has turned into a favourite as a gift for others !!!

Chilli Plum Jelly -

Green Chilli and Garlic Jelly -


Chilli Onion Beetroot Relish - A hot savoury relish made from homegrown chillies and beetroot, blended together with red onions and vinegar, to make a relish with a hot touch that goes really well with cheese and biscuits.

Chilli Piccalilli - A nice twist to the classic yellow pickle.  Made with a selection of fresh vegetables and chillies creating a medium hot tasting sauce.

Smoked Chilli Sauce - We take our freshly picked chillies and smoke them in a hot wood smoker to flavour them, before dehydrating them and grinding them into a powder.  That powder is then mixed with other spices and oils to make a sauce that has a hot, deep smoky bbq flavour.

Ring of Fire Chilli Sauce - A tomato based sauce with a hint of cumin and coriander, using red ring of fire and habanero chillies. A great savoury, hot taste for all foods.

Devils Brew Chilli Sauce - Yellow, fiery hot devils brew and scotch bonnet chillies are the behind the heat of this lime based chilli sauce.  A massive hot, citrus blast from this all purpose sauce.

Chilli Tomato Ketchup - A homemade version of the family favourite with a bit of a kick! Adds something extra to your food.

Smoked Chilli Tomato Ketchup - The same sauce as above but made with smoked chilli powder to give a deep smoky barbeque flavour.

Chilli Brown Sauce - Our own version of the great classic brown sauce with an extra element!  Gives those bacon sarnies a special something!

Caribbean Hot Sauce - Made with mango for a fruity, hot flavour

Hot Peri Peri Sauce - Love this sauce! Great with chicken

Jerk Sauce -  Our version of a classic Jamaican hot sauce.

Hot BBQ Sauce -

Available individually or in box sets.  See images on the other pages.

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Satan's Sweet Chilli Sauce

Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam